John H. Grellner

Real Estate Investment Analyst

John H. Grellner currently serves as the Real Estate Investment and Acquisitions Analyst for Forge Capital Partners. Mr. Grellner works directly with the Director of Acquisitions to analyze and underwrite real estate investments for Forge Capital Partners and all affiliated Funds. John also reviews due diligence and packages information for the Investment Committees.

Prior to John's internship and subsequent employment with Forge Capital Partners, he served as Chairman of the Board for Florida State University's Masters of Science in Finance (MSF) Student Association, and was a member of the Macro team for Florida State University's Student Investment Fund of $1.5 million. In this capacity, the Macro team helped to inform colleagues as to World-changing economic events and how such events would affect industries, sectors, and Fund-specific investments.

John earned his Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Finance and his Masters of Science in Finance from Florida State University.

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